AGA City60

The AGA City60 is everything you would expect from a traditional AGA cooker, packed in to a smaller 60cm wide unit. This model has been designed for those who are not so blessed with space to allow a traditional AGA and will fit into the space that a standard 60cm cooker would normally occupy or in place of a standard width kitchen unit. The AGA City60 is available in an all electric or dual fuel model. Both feature cast iron ovens and a 4-ring gas hob (dual fuel model) or a cast iron hotplate heated by an electric element (all electric model).

Key features

With cast iron ovens, the AGA City60 cooks food using radiant heat from all directions within the cast iron oven – a cooking method which is kind to food, producing great tasting food with moisture & goodness locked in, for which the AGA cooker is famous. The ovens can be set to be on together or individually on the following settings;

- Roast

- Roast & Simmer

- Simmer

- Bake & Simmer

- Bake

- Off

How it works

This control over the ovens can also achieve the well known and loved AGA warmth, heating the kitchen in the same way as a traditional heat-storage AGA cooker. The oven heat up time from cold is approximately 40 minutes (though for best performance allow 1 hour). The roasting/baking oven can be programmed to turn on automatically with up to 3 heat-up times per day. On the all electric AGA City60, the cast iron hot plate can be set to off, boil or simmer. The heat up time for the hot plate from cold to boiling is approximately 11 minutes and approximately 8 minutes from cold to simmering. The AGA City60 Dual Fuel features a 4-ring gas hob with 1 x wok burner (3.6kW), 1 x rapid burner (3kW) and 2 x semi-rapid burners (1.75kW).